If you are going through a separation or divorce or even just thinking about it, you need clear, unbaised facts about the divorce process before you make expensive mistakes.

This seminar will explore:

  • How child support, custody, and visitation are determined
  • How to determine whether you’ll receive spousal support
  • How can I get temporary support during the divorce process?
  • How property is divided in Virginia?
  • What is a legal separation in Virginia?
  • What happens if I leave the marital home?
  • Can I leave the state?
  • What are grounds for divorce in Virginia?
  • The difference between fault and no fault divorce
  • The different types of divorce available
  • The costs associated with divorce (including how to keep them down)

This seminar is led by Eva N. Juncker, a founding partner at Zavos Juncker Law Group, PLLC and head of the litigation team. Eva’s practice focuses on all areas of family law, divorce, juvenile law, transgender issues, custody, support, equitable distribution, and partition. She also served as a qualified Guardian ad litem in Virginia for over ten years. Eva was also named a Top 100 Lawyer by The National Advocates. Eva practices in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

This program is offered several times during the year

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