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Next Steps: Women's Separation and Divorce Group

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Women's Therapy Group

Joining a group enables you to become part of a community where you can learn to safely and honestly share your story while learning about yourself and how you relate to others. These interactions facilitate change and growth in a protected environment.

This group addresses interpersonal issues, life stressors, emotional intimacy and relationships as well as perceptions and expectations related to life, family, school and career. The issues of group members may stem from current and/or past experienece and all issues brought to the group will be given respectful support.

Anger Management Group 

Do you find yourself getting so angry that you lose control? Do you regret the way you act or treat your loved ones when you are upset? Do people around you tell you to get help? You are not alone. This anger management group will help you to understand what causes your anger and will teach you new ways to respond to this strong emotion. This is a limited time group for women that will meet once per week.  

With a focus on moving forward, this group addresses common issues that women face during this difficult time of transition, such as grief, loss, anger, self-esteem, legal and financial concerns, parenting/co-parenting issues and managing change. This group provides support, encouragement and sharing of resources in a safe, nurturing, and confidential environment to help women move forward to a positive future with others who understand their experience.

​​The group leader is Lauren Krause Nickum.

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