Welcome to Across Counseling

We offer counseling for adult men and women and adolescents in the Greater Washington Area and Northern Virginia.

We provide personalized, quality care to make your visit to our offices the best experience possible.

Perhaps you are feeling anxious, irritable, stressed, confused, sad, or worried.  Are you having problems in a relationship or with parenting? Maybe you're not sure exactly what's wrong but you're not feeling as good as you would like. If you've tried to solve issues on your own or ignored them, but things have reached a point where you need help sorting them out, give us a call and we can talk about how we might help you to feel good again. We can help you bridge the gaps and enjoy life again.

Often people are uncertain or nervous about getting help, but individual or relationship therapy CAN help. We will work with you to provide relief from pain, loneliness, doubt, or other negative feelings. Our clients say that getting help in a safe environment enabled them to better enjoy life and relationships.

We provide individual therapy, couples counseling, and group therapy. We help people find solutions to troubling problems and we work with each person to provide an individualized plan to help you discover and meet your personal goals.

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Helping Bridge the Gaps

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